Winsock Programming [VC++]

This page illustrates how to write a code using winsock. Winsock is a network programming API for Windows platform. Winsock API lets you write a code that can transmit or receive data via the Internet using TCP/IP. You can also write a code using UDP/IP or other Internet protocol too.

Each winsock function will be illustrated using a sample code. I will try to make the coding sample as simple as possible. I hope you will find this page useful.

Programming using winsock


creating sockaddr using getaddrinfo

getaddrinfo : try to connect until success

Winsock Error Code

Related Information

IP Helper API programming
Winsock API enables you to write a networking code on Windows. However, winsock does not let you get information about network interfaces, TCP and UDP states, DNS, etc. Moreover, winsock does not let you configure network interfaces. You can use IP Helper API to get network information and do part of network configuration.


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