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Akimichi Ogawa
Ph.D. (Media and Governance). born in 1976.

Akimichi Ogawa is a japanese blogger. He blogs about TCP/IP, Internet governance, Internet protocols, Internet infrastructure, Japan's blogosphere, and etc. In Japan, his blog is one of the most read blog in the Internet technology field. In 2011, he received the "Alphablogger award". Akimichi received his Ph.D in Media and governance from Keio university in 2004. He has been a professional blogger since 2007, before that, he has experience as a open source programmer, RFC author, and an embedded software programmer. He has written books such as "The Internet structure, robust yet fragile system (written in Japanese)", and writes many articles in various platforms.


1994 Keio university
1999 Open source software DVTS
2002 RFC3189, RFC3190
2003 SONY
2004 Ph.D (Media and governance)
2004 Translation technical supervisor of RTP book(English to Japanese)
2007 Professional blogger
2010 Book "Linux network programming"(Japanese)
2011 Book "The Internet strucure - robust yet fragile system"(Japanese)
2012 Received Alpha Blogger Award 2011


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