Directshow Programming [VC++]

This page illustrates how to use Microsoft Directshow SDK. Directshow SDK provides APIs to manage video and audio.

Each function will be illustrated using a sample code. I will try to keep each sample code as simple as possible. I hope the information in this page helps you. Good luck, and happy programming !

Preparing Directshow

Directshow is a subset of Platform SDK. First of all, you would have to download Platform SDK from Micorsoft MSDN.

Please note that Directshow was a subset of DirectX SDK before. However, this has changed on April 2005 (2005/04), and is no longer a subset of DirectX SDK.

After downloading and installing Directshow, please be sure that you have configured an appropreate library path and include path for directshow.

Programming using Directshow

Resolving Directshow error values

Using RenderFile (Play MPEG)

Waiting for the end of media

Changing the window title

Full screen playback using IVideoWindow

Using a custom window

Using IMediaEventEx::SetNotifyWindow

Using Renderfile (Play MPEG via HTTP)

Getting height and width of video

Changing video rate

Getting duration

Changing audio volume and balance


DVD Playback

DVD Playback (with MFC)

Getting DVD Volume information

Getting number of chapters in DVD

Video frame grabbing

Video frame capture using IBasicVideo

Getting a still picture with SampleGrabber

Bitmapfile format

Getting multiple pictures with SampleGrabber

Getting the first frame with SampleGrabber

Video Capture

Listing video input device names

Listing video input device information

Selecting and playing from a video input device

TV Tuner Control

TV Tuner Control (2)


Using VMR9


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