TCP・UDPのWell Known Ports

ここでは、TCPやUDPのポート番号で「良く知られたポート(Well Known Ports)」をリストします。 IANA(Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)により規定された2004/09/28のものから100番までをリストしています。 より詳細を知りたい方はこちらをご覧下さい。

ポート番号 tcp/udp サービス名 説明
0 tcp/udp Reserved
1 tcp/udp tcpmux TCP Port Service Multiplexer
2 tcp/udp compressnet Management Utility
3 tcp/udp compressnet Compression Process
5 tcp/udp rje Remote Job Entry
7 tcp/udp echo Echo
9 tcp/udp discard Discard
11 tcp/udp systat Active Users
13 tcp/udp daytime Daytime (RFC 867)
17 tcp/udp qotd Quote of the Day
18 tcp/udp msp Message Send Protocol
19 tcp/udp chargen Character Generator
20 tcp/udp ftp-data File Transfer [Default Data]
21 tcp/udp ftp File Transfer [Control]
22 tcp/udp ssh SSH Remote Login Protocol
23 tcp/udp telnet Telnet
24 tcp/udp any private mail system
25 tcp/udp smtp Simple Mail Transfer
27 tcp/udp nsw-fe NSW User System FE
29 tcp/udp msg-icp MSG ICP
31 tcp/udp msg-auth MSG Authentication
33 tcp/udp dsp Display Support Protocol
35 tcp/udp any private printer server
37 tcp/udp time Time
38 tcp/udp rap Route Access Protocol
39 tcp/udp rlp Resource Location Protocol
41 tcp/udp graphics Graphics
42 tcp/udp name Host Name Server
42 tcp/udp nameserver Host Name Server
43 tcp/udp nicname Who Is
44 tcp/udp mpm-flags MPM FLAGS Protocol
45 tcp/udp mpm Message Processing Module [recv]
46 tcp/udp mpm-snd MPM [default send]
47 tcp/udp ni-ftp NI FTP
48 tcp/udp auditd Digital Audit Daemon
49 tcp/udp tacacs Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
50 tcp/udp re-mail-ck Remote Mail Checking Protocol
51 tcp/udp la-maint IMP Logical Address Maintenance
52 tcp/udp xns-time XNS Time Protocol
53 tcp/udp domain Domain Name Server
54 tcp/udp xns-ch XNS Clearinghouse
55 tcp/udp isi-gl ISI Graphics Language
56 tcp/udp xns-auth XNS Authentication
57 tcp/udp any private terminal access
58 tcp/udp xns-mail XNS Mail
59 tcp/udp any private file service
60 tcp/udp Unassigned
61 tcp/udp ni-mail NI MAIL
62 tcp/udp acas ACA Services
63 tcp/udp whois++ whois++
64 tcp/udp covia Communications Integrator (CI)
65 tcp/udp tacacs-ds TACACS-Database Service
66 tcp/udp sql*net Oracle SQL*NET
67 tcp/udp bootps Bootstrap Protocol Server
68 tcp/udp bootpc Bootstrap Protocol Client
69 tcp/udp tftp Trivial File Transfer
70 tcp/udp gopher Gopher
71 tcp/udp netrjs-1 Remote Job Service
72 tcp/udp netrjs-2 Remote Job Service
73 tcp/udp netrjs-3 Remote Job Service
74 tcp/udp netrjs-4 Remote Job Service
75 tcp/udp any private dial out service
76 tcp/udp deos Distributed External Object Store
77 tcp/udp any private RJE service
78 tcp/udp vettcp vettcp
79 tcp/udp finger Finger
80 tcp/udp http World Wide Web HTTP
80 tcp/udp www World Wide Web HTTP
80 tcp/udp www-http World Wide Web HTTP
81 tcp/udp hosts2-ns HOSTS2 Name Server
82 tcp/udp xfer XFER Utility
83 tcp/udp mit-ml-dev MIT ML Device
84 tcp/udp ctf Common Trace Facility
85 tcp/udp mit-ml-dev MIT ML Device
86 tcp/udp mfcobol Micro Focus Cobol
87 tcp/udp any private terminal link
88 tcp/udp kerberos Kerberos
89 tcp/udp su-mit-tg SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
90 tcp/udp dnsix DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
91 tcp/udp mit-dov MIT Dover Spooler
92 tcp/udp npp Network Printing Protocol
93 tcp/udp dcp Device Control Protocol
94 tcp/udp objcall Tivoli Object Dispatcher
95 tcp/udp supdup SUPDUP
96 tcp/udp dixie DIXIE Protocol Specification
97 tcp/udp swift-rvf Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
98 tcp/udp tacnews TAC News
99 tcp/udp metagram Metagram Relay
100 tcp/udp newacct [unauthorized use]